Unstuck Yourself

I think at some point all of us experience the feeling of being “stuck”. It comes in different shapes, sizes, and stages. Maybe it’s with a job, or a family situation, or simply within yourself. You may feel that you’re drowning and every minute you seem grasping for air with a heavy weight on your chest that keeps you up at night. But if we look deeper, being “stuck” is a label we use for when we feel dissatisfied, overwhelmed, or frustrated with where we are in life. I believe that having thi

Why Comparison Is Not the Thief of Joy –

Why Comparison Is Not the Thief of Joy I belong to the millennial generation who luckily grew up in the pre-historic times a.k.a. before the internet. And while it’s no doubt that the world wide web and social media made our lives a lot more convenient, I am glad that I’ve spent my early teenage years without it. For reasons that I read books instead of status updates, exchanged handwritten letters with my friends instead of emojis, and was excited to hear and read actual stories instead of the

You Don’t Need Another Productivity Hack! Do These Instead

To say that I was obsessed with productivity is an understatement. I have consumed numerous books about it, made productivity podcasts my jam, and inhaled Lifehack articles. I was also a serial planner – journals, planners, calendars – name it, I have it. Yet I would still feel inefficient and lacking progress when it comes to my goals. And that’s when I realized what I had been doing wrong – I was focusing more on ticking off items on my list than actually doing the important stuff that I have

25 Beautiful Truths About Life I’ve Learned At 25

There are many realizations that will come to you once you turn 25. One of them is that as it turns out, even at this age of technology, you still can’t simply yell, “Alexa, help me figure out my life.” Congratulations, you can now officially begin your quarter-life crisis. Being 25 is weird. It’s like you’re in this limbo where you’re still basking in the glory of your twenties and at the same time panicking because you’re halfway to your thirties and there are a lot of things you thought you’

Four Reminders When You’re Doubting Yourself

With some help from your favorite music artists: Life is amazing. Oftentimes, it gives us opportunities for our goals and dreams. But there are moments when a bitch voice at the back of our heads silently whispers, “You’re not good enough, there are many people better than you.” or “You won’t get it, so why bother to try.” So before you think that giving up is the only solution, here are four statements to remind yourself whenever you’re wallowing in self-doubt. Remember, you gotta’ be your ow

4 Fullproof Ways To Make The Most Out Of 2018

It’s that time of the year again when we all take the time to contemplate and have a vision of what we’ll be doing for the next 365 days. If February is the month of declarations of love promises then January is the month of declarations of self-improvement promises. All of us want to improve, and all of us want to make this year even better than the previous one. So, in the spirit of starting the New Year right, it’s time to commit to making permanent life changes that’ll make your life more ex

Why you should follow your curiosity instead of planning your life

“Where do you see yourself in five years?” is probably one of the most common and anticipated questions asked during a job interview. I’ve learned that this is a silly question. Let’s go way waaaay back to when you were asked by your grade school teacher what you want to be when you grow up. We’ve all been told to think about what we want to become and to then work our asses of to be that person. We were asked to pick one dream and spend years, if not decades visualizing and fantasizing about f

Why You Can't Seem To Quit Your Job And Start Your Dream Business

Do you spend hours daydreaming about quitting your job, managing your own schedule, pursuing your passion, and building your empire? We have no doubts about you slayin’ it as a CEO, but you might need a little help with turning those dreams into reality. But without a concrete plan and a deadline, it can seem impossible. If you’re wondering why your entrepreneurial dreams aren't happening yet, maybe you're stuck in what can be referred to as the "wantrepreneur" stage. Here are five potential "


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